Kenny’s “Pinto Ron” Tailgate!

Before many Bills home games, we’re asked “who else is going up” or “where’s the best spot to tailgate.” That’s why we decided to make Kenny’s (or Pinto Ron as he is popularly known) “Red Pinto” tailgate the official NYCBBB tailgate location for all Bills home games!

Kenny’s tailgate is widely known, and is often used as a backdrop on TV before Bills home games. It was briefly highlighted on an NFL films segment, and the “Commissioner of Tailgating” considers Kenny an all star tailgating character. He’s recently had write-ups in the Buffalo News and The Indianapolis Star. Most importantly, he has graced us with his presence at every Meadowlands tailgate the last few years.

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So if you’re going up to a game, make sure you stop by Kenny’s tailgate. And be sure to tell him you represent the NYCBBB!

Where is it? Here is a map.

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