Bills vs. Browns: The Legend Continues

Hello, my fellow 1,880 Bills fans.

OK, two people left the list in the past week. Who are they? We need names!

There’s a game-blackout in Western NY this weekend…but not at the World-Famous McFadden’s, home of the Equally Famous New York City Buffalo Bills Backers. Come join us this Sunday — and maybe convince some of your WNY friends to hop a JetBlue flight and come watch with us. If they’re not still stuck on the Thruway.

What better game to come for than Bills vs. Browns — the Bizzaro World version of Steelers vs. Ravens. Somehow, those teams’ low-scoring games are considered classics. Our games? Not so much. But, come on, who didn’t love last year’s 6-3 game, or the 8-0 classic from 2007? Wait…were those Bills games or Bisons games?

In a nutshell…we’re due! It would be especially sweet to deal a setback to Cleveland’s resurrected Mangenius.

In other news:

We’re mentioned in the blog “The Urban Upstater”:

Also, here’s a fun reminder of some of what we miss when we can’t be at the Ralph, courtesy of a show called, so help me, “World’s Dumbest Brawlers 5”. The main brawler kind of reminds me of a younger Sarah Silverman, which is better than you usually see in these brawl clips:

See you at McFadden’s.