A View from Calico Jack’s – 10/29/2007

Just some random thoughts this week, as we celebrate a season sweep against the Jets…

  • Thirty years ago (before many of you were alive, I know), the Bills beat the Falcons 3-0. I’ve always considered that the most boring Bills victory I’ve ever seen – although a Bills victory can never truly bore me. This game against the Jets was rivaling that one for me until JP’s remarkable completion to Lee Evans late in the fourth quarter. Incredible.
  • How often do you see four different QBs in a single game (five, if you count that weird play where the Jets’ Brad Smith lined up at QB)? This might represent the official changing of the quarterback guard in the swamps of New Jersey. Of course, as we’ve seen, Clemens could also get hurt on the first play next week, and it could once again be the Pennington Era (Error?)
  • All’s well that ends well, but were you as aggravated as I was when the Bills called a deep handoff on third and a foot in the fourth quarter, with the game hanging in the balance? What’s the point of having linesmen averaging 600 pounds apiece?
  • Now what do the Bills do at QB, assuming Trent is healthy? To me, by proclaiming Edwards as the starter, you can’t replace him because JP has a nice fourth quarter. That said, who do you believe gives the Bills a better chance of beating the Bengals – Trent or JP? It’s hard not to say JP. But, maybe Trent will be Flutie-like; not do much except win. I could live with that. Realistically, though, he’s got to show he can lead this team to more than three points.
  • Man, the Jets fans are really giving up, aren’t they? There seemed to be no heat during this game, and once the Bills led by 10, the stadium emptied. I mean, didn’t these people get the memo about the Bills finding unprecedented ways to lose? The Jets need to start Clemens if for no other reason than give their fans a reason to come back. And they need to replace Fireman Ed, or whatever his name is. Someone needs to tell them to yell…
  • The Bills defense is really impressing me. The cool thing is that next year, it’ll be infused with all of the returning guys who got injured this year.
  • Moving on…the Bills’ recent success aside, has any team ever had such a significant divisional lead at this point of the season as the Pats do? That should be some game against the Colts. It’s hard to imagine a defending champion, at 7-0 and playing at home, being an underdog.
  • Also, anyone who thinks Joe Gibbs has “lost it” clearly isn’t paying attention. After all, he said that the Redskins deserved to be the biggest underdog of all time against the Pats. People ranted and raved…but he was right!
  • The Fish are now losing in multiple countries. Maybe the league will let them play the Bills in Canada next year, so they can go for the trifecta. By the way, I stand by my belief that their future QB is Michael Vick (unless Al Davis grabs him first).
  • Speaking of Canada…how does everyone feel about the prospect of Toronto games? Personally, I like the idea, although I imagine I’m in the minority. The Bills need to think regionally in order to survive, and Toronto’s not much further away than the Meadowlands is for lots of New Yorkers. The whole psychology of playing in a different country – and a different city with a “real” identity – is probably the sticking point for lots of people. Secaucus, New Jersey doesn’t represent a real threat in the minds of most New York City sports fans.
  • Who else is looking forward to Terrence McGee versus Chad Johnson (assuming those two line up against each other)? Should be fun.
  • I hate playing coulda/shoulda/woulda, but can you fathom how close this Bills team is to being 5-2? As it is, at 3-4 – I don’t care who they’re beating – they’re a team opponents cannot take for granted. A few weeks into the season, it looked like we were already on the draft clock…