A View from Calico Jack’s – 11/16/09

It’s come to this: even rival, octogenarian owners are cockily dismissive of the Bills. Bud Adams gives the team the finger? What’s next, a Bob Kraft crotch grab? Woody Johnson mooning Dick Jauron? Al Davis directing lit farts toward Ralph Wilson’s luxury suite?

Actually, I can imagine that last one happening. Please be careful, Al: I bet those jump suits are remarkably flammable.

There’s not much else to say about the game or the team. What else can I possibly add that hasn’t been already offered up, or that you haven’t thought of yourself? So, instead, a variety of loosely connected random thoughts, Twitter-style (albeit without the character-count limitation):

  • I thought the Bud Adams “Finger Gate” episode was equal parts funny, disturbing and sad. But, I also think he should be fined, heavily – at least $250,000*, and not only because it involved the Bills. Why? For one, he’s an owner, for goodness sake. Second, it was classless. And, three…
  • …because the league ridiculously fined Chad Ochocinco $20,000 for attempting to “bribe” a ref with a one-dollar bill. If Commissioner Goodell had an ounce of humor, he would have fined Chad one dollar. If he had an ounce of common sense in this situation, he would have ignored it.
  • How about that Bill Belichick? Ballsy call to go for it inside your own 30. Personally, I didn’t like the decision, and wouldn’t have liked it even if it had worked, but I’ve heard Ron Jaworski and others say it was a solid call. At least it was a rare occasion where Coach Bill was thinking strategically, instead of arrogantly. I honestly believe he was scared of giving Manning the ball again, anywhere on the field. Similarly…
  • …how about the Jaguars’ Maurice Jones-Drew taking a knee at the one in the midst of a sure-TD rush, to prevent the Jets from getting the ball back – after Coach Ryan clearly instructed his players to let him score? Both were somewhat gutsy calls, although I’m always surprised we don’t see them both more often. Speaking of which…
  • …how does a man end up with a hyphenated name? I mean, I can see if you’re an English lord or something. At least London Fletcher-Baker explained his reasoning along the way.
  • How cool is it that both the Jets and Pats lost last-second heart breakers? Takes some – just some – of the sting away. Unfortunately, the Fish went the opposite route.
  • Entirely unrelated to football – if there’s a championship bout between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaio at Yankee Stadium, I’m there. And I don’t even watch boxing anymore.

*After writing this, I learned that Adams was, in fact, fined $250,000 — $125,000 per inflammatory digit. Or perhaps $25,000 for each beer the guy must have downed leading up to this truly bizarre event.