A View from Calico Jack’s – 12/13/10

I should have more to share after a Bills’ victory: keen analysis, unique insight. But, who am I kidding? I’ve got nothing to add that the websites, message boards and papers haven’t already captured.

Probably not the most auspicious start for a column, but nonetheless….

So, instead, beyond sharing how happy I was to see this Bills actually leading a game at half-time – and how much fun McFadden’s continues to be even in the dog days of the NFL season – here are a bunch of random thoughts:

From SpyGate to TripGate
If I were a Jets fan, I’d hold off on the snarky SpyGate comments for a while – because now Pats fans (and Fish fans, for that matter) have ammunition, too. We Bills fans can just sit back and watch them all go at each other.

Why didn’t the Jets fire their trainer? I assumed it was because the coaches told him to be guarding the sideline against the Fish’s special teams gunner to begin with! Now it appears — or, at least, it’s claimed — that the trainer acted on his own, instructing some players to help him form a sideline wall.

I DO have a problem with tripping someone — a big one. But, strategically standing on the sideline? I’m no Jets fan, but I have no problem with that at all. The guy is now suspended indefinitely, but I’m guessing that if he hadn’t tripped an opponent, the coaching staff would be saying, “Good thinking, Sal!” I would have rather seen the Jets argue that they should be able to stand where they want on their own sideline, and separate that aspect of the story from the tripping part. But, I also know that’s not how the (political) game is played.

I’m showing my age when I share that all of this reminded me of Coach Woody Hayes’ infamous player attack during the Ohio State vs. Clemson Gator Bowl.

Choose One
If you could guarantee – guarantee! — the Bills would win one of their final three games, which opponent would you choose; The Fish, Pats or Jets?

A sign of the times is that, personally, I’m eliminating the Fish immediately. As recently as two years ago, I would have ALWAYS chosen the Fish first, but for reasons you all understand, there are plenty of reasons to want to beat the other two these days.

I think I’d choose the Jets: in part because it might make a difference to their playoff hopes, and in part because a lot of you will be at the game. But, it’s tempting to simply end that damn losing streak against the Patriots.

Forget it, I’m breaking the rules of my own contest: let’s beat them all (I know the “get a higher draft pick” crowd will disagree – but we can choose another running back at pick 6 as easily as at pick 2).

The Difference Between the NFL and MLB
Well, there are lots of differences between football and baseball, of course. I love them both. But, I find it remarkable that in the same week three MLB teams went to battle over Cliff Lee (and Lee chose a team paying him $50 million less than what the Yankees offered)…the Redskins are voluntarily sitting Albert Haynesworth, and no one seems to be jumping up and down to grab him this season. NFL players must look at their MLB counterparts and turn green with envy.

And, of course, if you REALLY want to know the difference between football and baseball…there’s a George Carlin classic.

See you on Sunday!