A View from Calico Jack’s – 9/16/2008

I’ve been saying since last year that, while Trent Edwards and Doug Flutie could hardly be more different as quarterbacks, there’s a chance Trent could have that intangible “something” that makes the Bills win games. That happened once again, against a team many people believe are Super Bowl bound.

This week, in fact, it wasn’t so intangible; 20 for 25 is tangibly good in anyone’s book.

My MVP for the week, though, was Fred Jackson. He and Marshawn could give the Bills a tandem we may not have seen since Thurman Thomas and Kenny Davis (not that I’m comparing anyone to Thurman just yet). The Bills would not have won this week without Jackson.

I’ll admit that I didn’t think they were going to win, regardless, Jackson or no Jackson. Certainly not after a near-disastrous third quarter in which the Bills hardly touched the ball. Fellow NYCBBBer Kevin Smith and I agreed that the Bills found themselves in the odd circumstance of being behind, but still needing to kill clock simply because their defense was so exhausted from playing nearly an entire quarter without a break in 100-degree heat (which was pretty much the temperature at Calico Jack’s. Let’s pray the AC is fixed by next week).

Two weeks in a row, the Bills showed us that this is clearly not the same team we’ve gotten too-used to in recent years. Last week, they went for the jugular after recovering a turnover. This week, Trent pulled the trigger on a huge 37-yarder to Lee Evans in crunch time. Thank you, Turk Schonert!

Not all was rosy: Jason Peters certainly could have used a pre-season, and the Bills were really vulnerable to the run for a piece of the second half. Plus, after a near mistake-free week, they had some painful penalties this week.

But, that’s all secondary. The Bills are 2-0, the bars are insane, and we’ll no doubt be favored against the Raiders. It’s been far too long since things have been this exciting.