A View from Calico Jack’s – 9/21/2008

A look at recent Bills’ history:

1988: 3-0 through three games; made the AFC Championship Game

1991: 3-0 through three games; made the Super Bowl.

1992: 3-0 through three games; made the Super Bowl.

2008: 3-0 through three games; ??????????????

Not to get ahead ourselves, but the Bills have established an intriguing track record over the past two decades when winning their first three games of the season. By the way, each of the Bills’ three-prior 3-0 teams won their fourth games. Let’s hope the St. Louis Rams have a healthy respect for history.

But back to the here and now, and your first place Buffalo Bills.

The Bills pulled rabbits out of their hats (and, to a degree, their heads out of their behinds) for the second consecutive week. And for the second consecutive week, they won a game they clearly would have lost last year, or pretty much any other time over the past eight years.

Edwards, you could (and probably should) argue, was the star and stud of the game, once again. Does anyone still believe JP Losman should be the starter? I happen to really like JP, but this is becoming Edwards’ team more and more with each game.

In the end, believe it or not, my two heroes were Donte Whitner and Raider Head Coach Lane Kiffin. Whitner for doing something I usually abhor – dishing out a blatantly late hit in the end zone. But, you know what? Just like a pitcher sometimes plunks a batter to “gently” reestablish some boundaries, Whitner made clear to the Raiders that you don’t try to show up the Bills in Buffalo and get away with it. Besides, the Raiders were dumb enough to get a taunting penalty on the same play, and the infractions cancelled each other out.

As for Lane Kiffin…you know that cell-phone service commercial where the mom yells at her family for “wasting” minutes that can be carried over to the next month? I’m thinking Kiffin must have thought his two time outs could carry over to next week’s game. Why else would he allow the Bills to run the clock down to three seconds after they were already in field goal range? I’ve got nothing against Kiffin, and can only imagine the horror of working for Al Davis. But, more decisions like that, and he’ll be enjoying life as a college head coach before long.

Finally, a shout out to the electric environment at Calico Jack’s; the amazing service staff that lets us enjoy every score with food on our plates and drinks in our hands; and a DJ who never fails to play Shout! right on cue. Calico’s has been great.