Buffalo Bills vs. San Diego Chargers

Hello all,

I am writing to you from good ol’ WESTERN NEW YORK!!! Getting wings and pizza tonight and going to the Bills/Chargers game this weekend and I can’t wait!

Now mathematically, the Bills are still in this, so they need your support! (someone has to be positive!!) Come join your fellow Bills fans and root them on at McFadden’s as they take on the Chargers…hey, if Drew Brees goes down, it could make for an interesting game if the shrimp..err, Doug Flutie comes in! Plus, it’s supposed to snow!!!

T-shirts are still on sale for $15. Ask any of the staff at McFadden’s for details.

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OK…lets not be like Jets fans and give up on our team…come support your BILLS!!! I’ll see you all next weekend!!

— Matt Kabel