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Limited Bills @ NJ Jets MNF Opener Tix Available!

2,200 NYC Bills Fans!

I just wanted to piggyback on the earlier email we sent out. The NJ Jets have just opened group sales tickets to us, the link is below. 

Please note, the game is on the verge of selling out so the tickets they could offer us are extremely limited. This is on a first come, first served basis so if you want tickets, order them as soon as you get this email. Once they are sold out, they will not be adding more. 

May the odds be ever in your favor: We’ll have more details regarding the game as we get closer to September.


Matt “Talkin Proud and Ready For Football Weather” Kabel

Bills @ NJ Jets Tailgate/Pre-Party Info!

Hello all 2,400+ NYC Bills Fans!

First off, I know summer is the last time you’ve heard from us. Sorry about that, it’s been a crazy year for me personally. For those who don’t know, my family relocated up to Eastern CT (near Old Saybrook/Mystic) last year and I’ve been relegated to mostly watching Bills games surrounded by Patriots fans (which has actually been fun now that the tables have turned). Also, our family welcomed our new son, Kent, last month. I greeted him into the world wearing my Bills shirt as I had with the previous three kids. So, it’s been hectic, but all good for us!

That said, we’re getting a ton of requests about the plans for the Jets tailgate next weekend. Over the summer I had sent out the link to buy game tickets from the Jets. Every few weeks the Jets would add more until last week they were finally sold out. Hopefully those who wanted tickets are squared away.

This year the tailgate will be in Lot 26 again. The lot is isolated a bit, which is actually great because us Bills fans take it entirely over. It’s close the stadium over a walking ramp that takes you directly to the entrance. For those that know the area, if you were to walk up that indoor snow ramp in the mall and jump off, you’d land directly in Lot 26. But that would kill you, so don’t do that.

This is the email from 2019 that has more info and things to know:

Kenny (Pinto Ron) and Captain Buffalo and hundreds of other Bills fans will be there as always with a huge setup. It’s BYOL (Bring Your Own Labatt) and everybody is welcome.

On Saturday night, Penn 6 will be hosting a pre-tailgate party at the bar, which is particularly popular with those coming in from out of town who want to check out our Bills Backers home. From 8-10pm, the bar will be offering the game day menu and a la carte drink specials. Those who would like a table, please RSVP by Saturday 6pm to and you also receive a ticket for a complimentary Labatt, Bud or Bud Lite.

I hope you all are having an awesome year. I also hope everybody is slowing down and really taking in this team, especially this season. This is what we’ve been waiting 20 years and like all eras, will come to an end. Enjoy the moment, and hopefully it finally leads to the Lombardi!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Loving This Ride” Kabel

Get Your Bills @ Jets Tickets!

Long time no chat. We’re officially in the pre-camp doldrums of July when it comes to Buffalo Bills news. Figured we’d cut through the boredom and share a link to buy tickets to the Bills @ Jets game in NEW JERSEY on November 6th. For once, we are sharing this out way in advance knowing these tickets will be high in demand as the Bills look to secure their first Lombardi this season.

Just enter this into your browser and buy what you need, the sections will be filled with Bills fans. I imagine there will be a TON of us this year, and it’ll be awesome to sit with a massive group of Bills Mafia.

As always there will be a massive tailgate prior to the game, and a party will be thrown at Penn 6 the night prior.

Hope everybody is enjoying their summers, this fall is gonna be wild!


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and and can’t wait for Camp” Kabel

Bills @ Chiefs, A Change

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

I apologize that you haven’t heard from me recently, which I’ll get to in a second. Man, wasn’t that (perfect) Patriots game amazing? The way in which we dismantled the Belichik-led team that hasn’t been done in almost two decades was one of the most thrilling and satisfying experiences I’ve ever had as a football fan. I tweeted out after the game that the dynasty of the last 20 years was officially dead, the franchise is like any other franchise and Pats fans like any other fan.

I enjoyed the game from New England, which our family now calls home. We unexpectedly moved up to Eastern CT this season after a lot of strange forces pushed us up here including our Brooklyn apartment getting flooded 2x and becoming unlivable. It’s weird living somewhere where I only see Patriots/Red Sox apparel and almost never see a Jets/Giants hat, let alone a Bills one. That said I haven’t been able to make it into Penn 6 too much this year and have been overwhelmed with the move, adjusting and an insane period at work where the live events industry has exploded. That said, my wife and I still work in NYC and will continue to do so, which means I’ll still be holding down the fort for NYCBBB at Penn 6 along with Soreco, Phil, Alex and Kristin.

Speaking of Penn 6, there are some important changes being made this week since some fans had to be turned away last week:

“To accommodate as many members of #billsmafia as possible, the bar is clearing out the dining room and adding extra bars to serve everyone. We won’t be doing reservations inside this week, first come first serve with very limited seating. You can reserve a table outside to watch the game, there are still spots available!

Everyone inside the bar must purchase an unlimited drink special. $60 gets you unlimited beer/seltzer and food buffet. $80 gets you premium house open bar (beer, house wine, house mixed drinks) and food buffet. Food buffet will be wings, mozzarella sticks, and fries.

Avoid lines and arrive early, it’s going to be a blast! Please bring cash to keep the line moving. Make sure you have ID and vax info ready!”

Penn 6 is going to be THE place to be for Bills fans in NYC!

Like I said in the beginning of the season, anything less than a Super Bowl was a failure this year. This team is built to win a Super Bowl right now, and they need to get over the hump. The Chiefs are beatable, I don’t care if they’re not the same team we beat this season. Neither are we. If the Bills can play even close to how they did last week, the team should be playing in their second AFC Championship next weekend.

Let’s go Buffalo!!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and totally ran up a busy street here in New England in Bills gear after our win” Kabel

Bills @ Bucs & PUNT Fundraiser!

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans,

I’m excited to be heading to Penn 6 this weekend for the Bills game and our annual PUNT fundraiser!

That Pats game was a letdown. I’m of the opinion that the Bills were the better team, but failed to capitalize on those Red Zone opportunities. Frazier was too slow to adjust to the Pats running down their throat, and Daboll was too slow to recognize that Josh could actually throw in that wind. 

We are not built to be a running team, the offensive line seriously needs to be addressed this offseason. Until then, this season 100% rests on Josh Allen’s arm and our defense.

This Sunday we get to see Josh square off against Tom Brady to see of they can salvage this season. Kickoff is at 4:25pm, and is a great day to come see the Christmas attractions in NYC and cap the day off with the Bills at Penn 6.

We will also be holding our annual fundraiser for PUNT Pediatric Cancer Collaborative. Gwen from PUNT will be on hand and she’s bringing an autographed Josh Allen jersey and a football autographed by Dawson Knox. We’ll be raffling off both and all proceeds will go to pediatric cancer families in WNY!

We hope you can come out and join us and support this amazing organization! 

Matt “Talkin’ proud and am excited to support childhood cancer families” Kabel

Colts @ Bills, Sabres @ Rangers

Hello all 2,200+ NYC Bills fans!

Figures, the first Bills game in NJ that I’ve missed in years (well except last year), our guys blow them out. It sounded like you all took over the stadium on TV, and looked like it too!

The Bills host the Frank Reich-led Colts today. I always have to tell the story of catching a long-bomb touchdown pass from Reich in a touch-football game in OP. Of course my dad showed up to pick me up a few minutes later and Reich threw me a second long-bomb, and I dropped the damn pass right in front of my old man. Sigh.

Anywho, I think today will be a good indicator on the status of this team. Spencer Brown being out is concerning, hopefully Josh is not running for his life all afternoon. Did they learn from the Jags game?

Kickoff is at 1pm and Penn 6 is the place to be. Plus, the Sabres take on the Rangers just a few blocks from the bar at MSG at 6pm, so we’ve got a real doubleheader today! It’s a short workweek, why not hang out at the bar and watch the boys in blue/gold, or maybe even go scalp some tickets!

Let’s Go Buffalo!!!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and could use a double-down day!” Kabel

Bills @ Jets, Meetup Tonight!

Matthew Kabel
11:39 AM (40 minutes ago)
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Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills Backers!

Nope…not even gonna discuss last week.

The Bills head to NJ to take on the Jets and hopefully rebound. Kickoff is at 1pm, here is a link to last week’s email with details on tomorrow’s tailgate:

From 6pm to midnight tonight, Penn 6 is offering the following specials as Bills fans descend upon NYC and know a lot of out-of-towners are heading there:

  • $5: Labatt, Labatt light, Bud, Bud light
  • $7: Hard Seltzers
  • $7: Tullamore Dew Shots

They’ll also introduce the Pills Mafia beer from the Thin Man brewery that they just got in.

We got this.

J – E – T – S

Matt “Talkin’ proud and really need a blowout to erase that Jags game from memory” Kabel

Bills @ Jags, Jets Pre-Party & Tailgate

Hello all 2,200 NYC Bills fans!

The Bills certainly had to shake off some bye-week rust last week, but in the end they handled the inferior Dolphins as expected. Today they face another inferior opponent in Jacksonville, led by #1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence and a defensive end with a familiar name.

Kickoff is at 1pm and Penn 6 is the place to be. Today is also the NYC Marathon, so please plan accordingly!

We also wanted to share details for the local Bills/Jets weekend:

Saturday Night
$5 Labatt Blue, $5 Bud light, $5 Budweiser, $7 Hard Seltzers, $7 Tullamore Shots

Sunday – Game Day
I’m gonna just link to our 2019 email that has all of the relevant tailgate info including maps and a word from Kenny about respecting stadium property. There’s some 2019-specific info in here about dates, time and tickets, so you can disregard those but everything else is relevant:

As I mentioned, Penn 6 is right next to Penn Station so you can also totally hop on a train after the game and keep the party going and catch the late games there. The bar will be showing the game as well for those who aren’t heading there.

Let’s go Buffalo!

Matt “Talkin’ proud and ready for a long winning streak” Kabel

Bills @ Titans MNF, More Jets Tickets!

Hello all you 2,200+ NYC Bills Fans!

The Bills came to Kansas City
They saw the Chiefs
They conquered the Chiefs

As I heard on WGR last week, it’s true that an NFL team can win any given Sunday. However, the Bills are now a team that can win ANY Sunday. Also as my friend Michelle said, Josh Allen outplaying Mahomes showed he can outplay any QB. My build on that is McDermott beating his mentor in Andy Reid (and Belichik last year) should also give him confidence that he can beat any coach out there.

That will be put again to the test tonight as the Bills head back to Nashville to take on the Titans who beat them last year. That was after a whole COVID mess caused by the Titans, so look for the Bills to get revenge for the second week in a row.

Kickoff is at 8:15pm, and Penn 6 is the place to be. For those who have been heading there, would love your feedback on how you’re liking our new home! Send me an email and let us know.

Bills @ Jets Tickets

A bunch of you reached out this weekend to let me know the Jets tickets were sold out. We reached out to the Jets this morning and they added more tickets, so if you missed out you have another shot before it sells out! Click here to order them:

Sabres have won their first two games. They may not have a good record this year, but remind me of the Bills for the first two years of McDermott’s tenure. Young core, very close knit and a couple unheralded veterans leading the way. They work hard, play an exciting form of hockey that’s fun to watch and are easy to root for.

I love this time of the year. Let’s Go Buffalo.

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Fired Up to Have The Bills/Sabres Both Playing” Kabel

Jets Ticket info

Jets/Bills Tickets for Purchase
We’ve been speaking to the Jets and although the game with the Bills is nearly sold out, they’ve put an upper deck section of seats aside temporarily for us Bills fans. Here is the link to order:

I recommend ordering soon. We’ll have more details about that weekend soon but Penn 6 WILL be throwing a party the night before for Bills fans in town. They will also have an early special for game day. We’ll also have tailgate info for you, us Bills fans take over one of the lots and we’ll be doing it again. There were easily 1,000 of us two years ago.