Cincinnati Bengals RSVP

Hello all 400 of my fellow miserable Bills fans,

Well, I guess the fat woman finally sang, and she sang LOUD yesterday. I’m not even going to try and BS you right now. The Bills are officially out of playoff contention, and next weekend’s game against the Bengals is pretty much meaningless. But as Timmy Lupus proudly says in the movie The Bad News Bears:


I plan on returning from WNY on Friday night so that I can be at McFadden’s for the final game of the season. McFadden’s has gone out of their way to help us this year and it’d be nice if we could support them one last time this season. If you plan on being at McFadden’s on Sunday, can you please RSVP by replying a “HELL YEAH” to this email? I’d like to make sure McFadden’s is staffed accordingly. I’m sending this out early because I know many of you are working different days this week, plus I can check this email from home. PS…sorry to those of you that were unable to email me last week, my email was down for several hours!

We’d like to know if you have any suggestions for the off-season. Some ideas we’re tossing around are a Pro-Bowl party, a Draft party, Sabres activities, a softball/flag football game against the Boston Bills Backers….email me if you have any suggestions or if anything above interests you, or post on our message board.

Also, start thinking of good suggestions for next year’s season of NYCBBB.


— Matt Kabel