Drew Bowl!

Hello all,
(347 of you!)

Its finally here….the game of the season….not only for the Bills and the Patriots…but for the NFL. Drew Bledsoe will get a chance to have his revenge on his old team. If you haven’t been to a Bills Sunday at McFadden’s yet, this is the week that you should make the effort to go. IT WILL NOT BE TELEVISED LOCALLY!!!

There will be EXTRA BAR STAFF on hand to accommodate everybody this week. There is nothing like rooting for your team with 300 fellow fans! Lets try to break the record of 300 set 2 weeks ago for the Miami game!

Now, I know that the NY Marathon is this Sunday, but I don’t want anybody to use that as an excuse to not make it in for this huge game. To make things easier…for this weekend only.. McFadden’s will OPEN THEIR DOORS AT 11:30. There will be no booze served until noon due to state laws (which anybody who’s waited till noon in the snow at the 7-11 next to The Ralph knows!!!) but it will allow you the option to leave early and if you hit traffic, you still make the game…if you don’t hit any…then you get there early and get a seat and can read the paper. Since the special runs till 6pm..you can also hang out after the game and leave when the traffic dies down. So with this said…NO EXCUSES FOR NOT COMING! OK?…on to:


Bracelets – first I have to get something out of the way. when you buy the $25-30 wing/beer special and receive the bracelet..the special is ONLY intended for those with bracelets on. it is NOT acceptable to order beer/wings and give them to people without the bracelets who did not buy the special. if you are seen doing this, the owners will ask ME to ask you to leave…for good. lets agree to not do this so I won’t have to be the bad guy, because I will if I have to be. McFadden’s has gone out of their way to accommodate us…lets show them what great people Buffalonians are!

Labatt Blue Giveaway -since we’ve drank 4 KEGS of Labatt Blue the last 2 Sundays…Labatt Blue has sent us stuff to giveaway at this weekends game! t-shirts, bags, signs…etc. be there if you want it!

11:30 – again, McFadden’s will open at 11:30 this week only. service will begin at noon. seating is on a first come basis.

Bills/Jets tix – with feedback from the email I sent out this week, it looks like we have about 30 people going to the game WITH tix…and about 30 looking for tix. so go out and ask your jets-fan friends to sell their tix..and keep an eye on ebay….you may have to wait until that week to find available tix.

Subs – again…I apologize for referring to subs as heroes last week…but hey…at least I didn’t call them GRINDERS!! DOWN WITH NEW ENGLAND!!!!!!!

GO BILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— Matt Kabel