You’re Invited to Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets Sept. 8

The season opener will be here before you know it. What better way to kick-off the new Bledsoe era than to go on a fun-filled voyage with the hardest of hardcore Bills fans?

The Bills Backers of New York City is beginning to prepare a road trip to this season’s home opener. On Sunday September 8, the new look Bills will take on every metro-NY Bills fan’s worst nemesis, the New JERSEY Jets.

The first step is to get a close idea of the number of people that want to attend. Would you like to be part of the action?

We’ll have a weekend long list of events, including a night out in town Saturday night, tailgate Sunday morning, and of course — the adrenaline fueled gametime excitement.

We are going to plan the travel arrangements too. Be it carpool, flight, train, we’ll coordinate the efforts to maximize travel efficiency.

Hotel rates for the Hyatt downtown are approximately $90/room. Flights can booked for roughly $120 (round trip). Game tickets will likely be in the $50 range. PRICING DETAILS WILL BE CONFIRMED BEFORE ANY COMMITMENT.

Please let us know ASAP. We have been told that tickets are going at a rapid pace. Group sales have started and we want to make sure we get a piece of the pie. We want you there!