NYC Buffalo Bills Backers

Hello all,

Hope you all enjoyed that close win over the Texans last week….AND the REAL buffalo wings that McFadden’s now carries! If you have any comments or suggestions about Sundays at McFadden’s, feel free to post on our message board located on our website

We need your help. Seeing that the Jets are having an awful season, we are asking you to ask your local friends that are Jets fans if they are willing to sell their tickets to the November 24th Jets/Bills game here in good ol’ NYC. We’d like to put together a tail-gate party for the game and acquire as many tickets as possible.

Just a quick reminder….this Sunday the Bills have one of their biggest games of the season against the arch-rival Miami Dolphins! come show your support! Game starts at 1pm…McFadden’s opens at noon!

— Matt Kabel