Player Q and A!

Hello all,

VERY cool news! the Buffalo Bills contacted us yesterday and would like to run an exclusive question and answer between a player and our NYCBBB chapter! the Q and A will be featured on the official website, bringing more publicity to our group, which has surpassed 350 members and is growing daily! (and its kinda cool!!!)

Through email exchanges with the Bills, we have narrowed it down to 3 players, ONE will answer our questions…..they are:

Josh Reed
Coy Wire
Pat Williams

These players would most likely take interest in answering our questions and less is known about them than a Bledsoe or Moulds etc….there are 2 WAYS of asking a question:

1) email me your name, the player’s name, your city and state, and your question
2) post on our message board under the player name – your name, your city and state and your question

Please respond ASAP!!! we will tally up the questions and whatever player gets the most, we will send that player the questions and he will answer some of them and they will appear on the main site. Please keep the questions positive because they will be on the OFFICIAL site.

FYI – I am planning a GREAT tailgate for before and after the jets/bills game….and will let you know details early next week!!!!!!

— Matt Kabel