New Special and Format

Hello all,

Just wanted to give you a quick update on a change in the service at McFadden’s that will begin this Sunday. From now on…there will be trays of buffalo wings now located on the dj both next to the kitchen that people with the all-you-can-eat/drink bracelets can help themselves to. This will free up extra time for the waiters, waitresses, and bartenders to better serve you drinks and other food. There will be 3 trays, one for boneless wings, one for regular HOT wings, and one for regular MILD wings. We are also adding another option for those who don’t get the special but want wings. $15 for all the wings you can eat from 12-6pm. We will try all of this out and see if it is more effective than the old way. Ahhhh…growing pains! Lets see how this goes and then you can give me feedback next week after we slaughter the Patriots!!!

— Matt Kabel