News, Updates..and BOOZE!

Hello all 400 of ya!

First to update you on the major upgrades to the team and NYCBBB…then we’ll discuss BOOZE…

Bills Off-season Updates!!!
Exciting times for Bills fans!! The Bills have reached a deal with the Bengals that will bring the best defensive player in free agency, and one of the best linebackers in the NFL, to the Buffalo Bills. Takeo Spikes, 26, will play alongside London Fletcher and newly acquired breakout linebacker from Houston, Jeff Posey, 27…creating a HUGE upgrade to the defense! Also, the Bills are in negotiations with one of the best DT’s in the league, Sam Adams….we’ll have to wait and see what happens with that though…don’t want to jinx anything!!! Regardless, I’m sure Tom Donahoe (cough, GM OF THE YEAR, cough) will bring in the best player he can. Dick LeBeau, former coach of the Bengals and a defensive mastermind, has agreed to become an assistant coach under Gregg Williams.

Also, Peerless Price has been traded to the Falcons for a first round pick (#23) in this year’s draft! This means two things:
1) another upgrade to the team
2) drinking at NYCBBB’s McFadden’s Draft party is going to be a WHOLE lot more fun!!!

Keep checking the links on our website for up-to-date news!

Matt Soreco’s Logo Contest!
Two entries were received for our logo and banner contest. And the winner is…BOTH David Agosto AND Brian Krupkin! Please give them both a round of applause. They both submitted great work.

Check out both entries here (make sure you scroll down):

David’s shield logo and banner will be used for the website, and Brian’s NYC Bills Backers logo, with the Statue of Liberty torch (with the football in it), will be used for this upcoming season’s NYCBBB t-shirts. Brian’s banners will also be used to help us promote our group on other Bills websites, message boards, etc.

The new logo and banner are up on the site, so check it out!

OK….onto the BOOZE!!!

Houston Comeback!!!
McFadden’s will be showing the Bills comeback over the Houston Oilers on Sunday, March 30th. The game will start at 1pm and the following optional specials apply from 1-4pm:

  • $10 – all the wings you can eat, POP you can drink
  • $20 – all the wings you can eat, Bud/Bud Light, SAM ADAMS, and Cider you can drink
  • $25 – all the wings you can eat, Labatt Blue you can drink AND for all you HARD BOOZE drinkers who have been begging me for any liquor special!!
  • $35 – all the wings you can eat, all the liquor you can drink!!! (does not include top shelf)

Draft Party!!!
The 2nd Annual NYCBBB draft party will be held on the first day of the draft, April 26th at McFadden’s. Since the Bills now have a first round pick…we have to regroup and give the day more thought…so stay tuned for details!!


— Matt Kabel