Tailgate Thanks

Hello all 591 Bills fans! (almost 600!),

Yeah…that was an ugly game on Sunday….thank god I drank so much beer, so many bowling ball shots, and lots of Southern Comfort that I don’t remember most of it (ignore this sentence Mom!).

Good news though…Willis McGahee starts practice today!!! Of course, who knows if our coaching will know how to use him….(cough)….

Thank You!!!
HUGE thanks to Kevin Smith for driving the beer and stuff out to the stadium, and for a wonderful tour of Newark, NJ!! Huge thanks to Jay for bringing the Southern Comfort, poor guy is a lifelong Bills fan and that was his first game in person EVER! Thanks to Matt Soreco for leading the Party Bus to the Meadowlands, and thanks to all of those who gave fellow Bills fans a couple of beers due to the keg problems.

Keg Problems
I apologize for the kegs not working well and for drinking warm foamy beer. The Co2 tank that McFadden’s sent was more empty than we thought and there’s not much we could do about it. Next time we’ll just do the old fashioned tap and ice instead of the fancy tap system!

Please e-mail Matt Soreco your pictures for both our website and the official Bills website.

I believe some may be up already….

World Wide Backers
I somehow got put on a list of all the contacts for the Backers around the world for some email. They forgot to BCC the list so people started emailing each other saying who they were! I got emails from Bills fans all over the country, and even got one from fans in Budapest!! We all realized we could get a lot done if we work together, so I said that we should start a message board for Bills Backers staff around the world on the official site. Once done, we could help our fans find tickets or other fans to watch the games with no matter where they go. I’ll let you know when this gets done!

In all of this, I learned that we have 2 Backers pretty close to us, here is their info:

Central Jersey Buffalo Bills Backers – Email Mike, mhulsemhcc@aol.com

Hudson Valley BB (Poughkeepsie, NY – Route 9 in Fishkill) – Email Dave, hudsonvalleybb@earthlink.net

I will be in Orchard Park this weekend and bringing my girlfriend and converted Bills fan to her first game! Matt Soreco is in charge so email him with any questions you may have about this week!



— Matt K.