Going ta..Kansas City

Hello all 600 of you!

So my trip to Buffalo was great! I got to drink Labatt Blue next to an open pit fire in the parking lot, check out Pinto Ron’s tailgate, see the Bills WIN, meet Coy Wire after the game, and the best part….do the WAVE in the 4th quarter!! My girlfriend of course loved the whole experience, but questioned why I was standing up screaming “BOOO!!” when Rob Johnson came in…

Buffalo News
I held off emailing you guys til today because I thought I would have some good news to share. The Buffalo News interviewed us about our Backers here in NYC and our love for Buffalo. It was going to be a positive piece about the city. A column was to appear today “unless something REALLY BIG happens.” So I check out the Buffalo News this morning and in place of our article, is a piece on the clown who went over Niagara Falls this week. If this is “big news” for Buffalo, I think we can all see why our city has gone downhill. Hopefully the piece will appear soon, as we all know Buffalo NEEDS to hear positive stories like ours.

Kansas City
I ordered plenty of Sahlen hot dogs which will be here by today. The specials will begin at 7pm and I suggest being there by then if you want a seat. The Chiefs are undefeated…but if anybody is going to upset them, its the Buffalo Bills!!!

We will also be showing the Baby Joe Mesi (fellow Buffalonian) fight from a few weeks ago at 7pm if we can figure out the VCR.

Drew Bledsoe Ball
OK…we never try to hit you guys up for cash, and the great specials that McFadden’s offers has saved us all a lot of money. Please help out the Drew Bledsoe Foundation by purchasing a raffle ticket to win a Nike football autographed by our own Drew Bledsoe. Tickets are $5, 3 for $10, 5 for $15 and can be purchased from Matt Soreco during the game. All proceeds go directly to the charity.

This could be the game that determines how legit the Bills are this season. Please come out to McFadden’s and show your support!

Guy going over Niagara falls….good grief……

— Matt K.