We’re talking proud!

Hello all,

Quick email here… Thank god its Friday! Saw a fellow Bills fan out last night and he told me stories about the early 80’s, and how after the Bills beat the Dolphins for the first time at Rich Stadium, the goal posts were torn down and the fans threw them over the side of the stadium! Back then, the city had a slogan – “Buffalo’s got the spirit, talking proud, talking proud.” Does anybody remember that??? I think we’re on the verge of those times again and would like to bring that back as our slogan! Anybody have that song?

Many of you have emailed me questions about the draft party. I’m not sure what time the 23rd pick will be. There’s also a VERY good chance the Bills could trade up or down so it could happen at any time. It’s going to be cold and rainy out, PERFECT excuse to sit in a bar all afternoon and watch the draft. I suggest getting there between 12-1pm. Look at it this way, this may be the last time Bills fans will be able to get together until the season begins after the summer!

Email from McFadden’s – “We have the Labatts in -getting cold as we speak, and have two bartenders on, same kids from the Sundays. We’ll have the two different type of bracelets, one for the beer and wings and one for soda and wings. And we’ll set the wings on the DJ booth as we always have.”

I hope to see you there!

— Matt Kabel