One Year Celebration!

Hello all 415 of you!

Thanks to those of you that came to McFadden’s on Sunday to root for the Bills as they took on the Houston Oilers…and just in case you weren’t sure, we won. I loved the confused looks on non-Bills fans’ faces as they came into McFadden’s and saw a bunch of people in Bills jerseys watching a taped game from 1992 in March! It was also the debut of the liquor special, which nobody took advantage of but myself, so I drank enough for the rest of you (just ignore that last sentence Mom).

One year Anniversary Celebration!!!
We were planning the Draft party on Saturday April 26th, and we realized that the draft party will be the one year Anniversary of NYCBBB!! Just think, one year ago there were only 20 people reading these emails, now there’s over 415! So we are going to make the 26th – NYCBBB’s Draft and One Year Anniversary Celebration!! We are still working out the details of the drink special but promise it will be long and fun will be had by all!!! Please save the date!!

The Bills signed my favorite past-Bill, fullback Sam Gash this week. You know what this means, my Sam Gash jersey will be coming out of retirement!!!

The Bills contacted us and would like us to put together a mock draft of Bills picks rounds 1-3. Please send me your 3 picks ASAP and I’ll tally them up and send them to our friends at One Bills Drive.

I was thinking of creating a Buffalo Bills shot at McFadden’s. Obviously it should be red or blue. Please send me your ideas of an original concoction!!

Hope all is well with everybody!!!! Remember…April 26th!!!!!

— Matt Kabel