3rd Annual Buffalo Road Trip

Hi Everyone,

With the end of the Sabres season the Buffalo Sport Summer Drought has officially begun. However Marv decided to create a little excitement this week by trading off-injured backup tight end Tim Euhus to the Saints for linebacker Courtney Watson. Watson was a 2nd round pick out of Notre Dame in 2004 and has a great opportunity to be a solid backup for the Bills. As always, check out Bills Daily for the latest off season news: http://www.billsdaily.com.

3rd Annual Buffalo Road Trip
This year the NYCBBB will be making its third trip up to Orchard Park for the Bills/Jets Home Opener on Sept. 24th at 1pm. We hope to build on last year’s successful journey which included huge tailgate party and a butt kicking of the Jets! Once again we encourage everyone to invite their NY friends that haven’t been to Buffalo and show them a great time. We’ve put a bunch of tickets on hold and you can order them NOW. Please contact Chris Costanzo at the Bills for details and to purchase seats, and be sure to tell him you are part of Matt Kabel’s NYCBBB group package. His phone number is (716) 648-1800 x 8912 and his email address chris.costanzo@bills.nfl.net.

Sabres Thank You Party
Don’t forgot on the Sabres Thank You party on Monday at the Blue Moon (75th and 1st). It’ll most likely be the final NYCBBB get together before the preseason games in August AND they’ll be giving away tons of Labatt Blue and Sabres stuff, including two jerseys. The festivities start at 8pm along with Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and has fun on Monday night!

— Kevin