Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts

Hi Everyone,

Is it Friday already? In an earlier email I mentioned how quickly the week passes when the Bills do well on Sundays. This past Sunday was quite the doozie with the Bills escaping with a heart pounding victory and the Sabres bringing their high flying act just down the street. Everyone at Calicos, McFadden’s and MSG enjoyed themselves immensely.

The Bills defense channeled the great bend-but-don’t-break teams of the 90s while scoring a TD and forcing/recovering 4 turnovers. Brian Moorman and the kicking teams resurrected the great “MVP” chants from Little Buffalo with a number of BOOMING kicks. The offense is still a major work in process, especially with the loss of Willis McGahee to broken ribs. As painful as they were to watch at times, they did NOT turn the ball over and at the end of the game they came through with a big TD pass from JP to Lee Evans.

So what’s their reward for playing their first solid game in a long time? They get to travel with Indy to play the 8-0 Colts. Now, having been at the game in Chicago I can say first hand they have their work cut out for them. However, the Colts are due for a let down after beating the Pats last week and they do have their weaknesses. Backup Anthony Thomas created a feeding frenzy among Fantasy Football owners last week with a very strong performance. The Colts are horrible against the run so if the defense continues their strong play and the offensive doesn’t screw it up….well who knows. By the way, has anyone seen TKO? I heard he’s back but you could have fooled me. Time to step it up big man!

I know there was some confusion regarding Calicos and reservations for last week. They were having some problems and thought they wouldn’t be ready for us on Sunday. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize they weren’t accepting reservations and couldn’t let you all know. Fortunately, everything was straightened out by Sunday and we had our usual packed house. Just to be clear Calicos is still open on Sundays and should be for the rest of the year. If you ever have any questions or confusion during the week please email us and let us know.

Now everyone take off and enjoy this beautiful weather! See you all Sunday.