Draft Update and Sabres Preview

Hi Everyone,

Big week upcoming. The ’07 Bills officially (in my mind) kicks on Saturday with the NFL Draft and the Sabres start their second round series against the Rangers TONIGHT at 7pm. Couple that with spring finally, maybe, hopefully arriving and it’s a great time to be a Buffalo sports fan in NYC!

Unfortunately WGR really screwed up and the Sabres 2nd game will NOT be this Saturday during the draft. They play tonight and Friday instead, so at least you’ll have lots to talk about on Sunday in between Bills picks. As a reminder the specials are below and the Bills have the #12 pick in the first round so they should be drafting somewhere between 2 and 3 o’clock.

Draft Party Drink Specials from 12-7pm:
$35 – All the draft beer you can drink and wings you can eat.
$25 – All the Bud/Bud Lite draft you can drink and wings you can eat.
$20 – All the soda you can drink and wings you can eat.
$1 off all mixed drinks.

Tonight at 7pm the Sabres begin their 2nd Round series with the NY Rangers. The overall schedule for the series is:

GAME 1, Wednesday April 25, 7pm, VERSUS Buffalo, NY
GAME 2, Friday April 27, 7pm, MSG Buffalo, NY.
GAME 3, Sunday April 29, 2pm, NBC, New York, NY
GAME 4, Tuesday May 1, 7pm, VERSUS New York, NY
GAME 5, Friday May 4, 7pm, MSG Buffalo, NY
GAME 6, Sunday May 6, 2pm, NBC, New York, NY
GAME 7, Tuesday May 8, 7pm, MSG Buffalo, NY

The television coverage is noted above. Tonight’s game will only be shown on Versus (Channel 122 for Time Warner) so if you don’t get it, be sure to head to one our Sabres bars noted below:

The Blue Moon (75th and 1st)
Our usual Sabres hangout, but also a favorite of Rangers fans. If you are looking for a packed house, competitive atmosphere and want to feel like you are at the game head here.

Kinsales (93rd and 3rd)
New addition for the post season. I’ve heard lots of good things about this place and a large number of Sabres fans have taken residence there. 20oz Blue on tap and on special.

Last year they didn’t have Versus but I’ve been told they are showing the games this year. PLEASE CALL AHEAD AND ASK if you want to head here (212) 986-1515. They have drink and appetizer specials, ask your bartender or the manager Johnny.

Series Previews
Lots of people are expecting this to be a tight, competitive series based on the Rangers sweeping Atlanta and the Sabres looking less-than-stellar against the Islanders. I say BS. The Sabres have a habit of doing just enough to win. Most of the series they looked bored and to me this is not a bad thing. Their only goal is to win the Cup, not show up the 8th place team.

The Rangers on the other hand haven’t made it to the 2nd round in like 10 years, got swept last year in the opening round and were facing a team that had NEVER made the playoffs. I’m not saying they aren’t a good team but the NYC media (god bless them) have been blowing this way out of proportion.

The other habit the Sabres have is that when they are pissed off, they will absolutely destroy you. Case in point – the Leafs game when they went down 4-1 in the 3rd on a couple of fluke goals, the last one helped by the ref. Miller was pissed, the whole team pissed and they went out and scored 4 goals in 8 minutes to win the game.

So obviously the Rangers know this and have been play low key, right? Not a chance. Blowhard Sean Avery has been running his mouth, their coach has basically said the Rangers are better and even Mayor Bloomberg’s staff told Buffalo to shuffle off.

They woke a sleeping giant and I don’t see this ending pretty for them. I think it will go to 6 games due to the amazing goaltending of Lundqvist with the Sabres hanging a touchdown on them in Game 6 at the Garden. For some other previews check out:


As for tickets in MSG they are extremely scarce. I’ve inquired about group sale tickets but I’m not holding out hope. If anyone comes across any extras let me know and I’ll pass the info along.

4 Down, 12 To Go. Let’s drop the puck already!

Let’s Go Buffalo!