Buffalo Bills at Denver Broncos

Hello all 1,907 NYC Bills Fans!

Well, looks like we’re playing for either draft choices or a .500 record at this point. The Bills found yet another way to lose by giving up a game losing fumble at the end of the game that was returned by the NJ Jets for a touchdown. It was nice to see some of the players angry about the play call after the game, wish they would have had that fire 7 weeks ago.

The Bills head out to Denver to take on the Broncos this Sunday at 4pm. If you’ve got family in town for the Holidays, what better way to celebrate than by joining your fellow NYC Bills fans at McFadden’s or Calico Jack’s! Specials start at 3pm and will conclude at the end of the game.

The NYCBBB staff got into a discussion about the snow storm yesterday. Those of us from Western New York don’t understand why people in NYC use umbrellas in the snow, whereas Matt and Kevin being from this area find it to be an effective tactic for avoiding snow. Where do you stand on the issue?

A View from Calico Jack’s – by Phil Mann

Pictures from the Bills/Jets 6th Annual Tailgate Party – Mike Coniaris

From all of us at NYCBBB, we hope you ALL have a safe and happy Christmas and Holiday!

Matt “Talkin Proud and thank god its Christmas time or I’d be jumping off a bridge after this season” Kabel