Buffalo Bills vs. New England Patriots

Hello all,

Remember me? I’ve been in hiding this season. Nah, actually I’ve forgone the hour commute into the city each week in favor of watching the Bills at home with my 7 month old. Hey, I need to groom the kid into being a Bills fan. It’s tough. I’m not so sure he understands or likes when daddy yells at the TV so much. Plus I’ve got a lot of Giants fan friends/neighbors/family trying to sway him at this very influential time.

Enough about me.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Get everything you wanted? No!? Well there is always rooting for the Bills to spoil the Patriots playoffs chances!

One small catch. In order for the Pats to be knocked out, that would likely mean the Dolphins would be in. There are a few scenarios involving the Fins, Jets, and Pats. It’s too early and I’m still in a Christmas dinner coma to write it all out. I hate all three teams equally, so I’m torn.

Let me get to the point. If you want to watch the Bills try to spoil the Pats playoff chances, then come to McFadden’s/Calico Jacks this Sunday. Game’s at 1pm.

A View from Calico Jack’s
What does a Bills’ columnist write about when he knows his readers would rather read about pretty much anything else, even after what might sadly qualify as the team’s best win of the year? Read Phil Mann’s latest column here:

When he’s a little older, and it’s quieter in the bar, I’ll make a return with my son for the draft party.

See you in April,

Matt “retired to the suburbs” Soreco