We’re On CNNSI!

Hello all 1,822 NYC Buffalo Bills Fans!

Yesterday we were sent a link to an amazing video on YouTube of your reaction to the game winning kick at McFadden’s this past Sunday. It’s so awesome that we were going to send it to all of you in Thursday’s email. That is, until we learned that the video is Sports Illustrated’s Video of the Day on their website!!!

Click the following link and scroll down half way to the Sports Video of the Day (above the mocking Tom Brady video) and click the play button on the video. If you’re at work, we recommend turning down the volume (or up if you want the full experience, you’ll see).


I get fired up every time I watch it! Please forward this to your fellow Bills fans, especially those in NYC to show them what they are missing. The Bills are 3-0 and ARE ALONE IN FIRST PLACE IN THE DIVISION FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 1996!

We’re working out details to have a 3rd bar nearby show the games with sound, details to come soon. We WILL do our best to make sure everybody has a chance to watch this exciting season with their fellow Bills fans!

There is room on the bandwagon, jump on while you still can! Off to St. Louis…

3 and 0 Buffalo!
3 and 0 Buffalo!
3 and 0 Buffalo!!!


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Can’t Believe we’re on SI!”