Jauron Retained, Ralph Wilson Sells YOU Out

Hello all 1,903 NYC Bills fans,

I’m sure most of you heard by now, but Ralph Wilson decided to continue his cheap ways and instead of bringing in a strong coach to compete in the AFC East, he confirmed that Dick Jauron will be the Bills coach for 2009 along with all of his assistants. This, a mere 30 minutes before Denver fired Mike Shanahan, a Super Bowl winning coach of the Broncos who suffered a let down year. For 9 years the Bills have underachieved under 4 coaches and 3 GMs, its time to point the blame where it belongs. 6 years of NYCBBB and not once have we gotten to watch a playoff game at McFadden’s!

So Denver fired a Super Bowl winning coach and the Jets fired Mangini here in NYC who had winning seasons 2 of his 3 years. What does Ralph Wilson do? Extends a coach with 3 straight losing seasons, an 0-6 record in the AFC East this year, a coach who allowed a 5-1 team to collapse to 7-9, a coach who directly lost games by being outcoached, and a coach who has never beaten New England in the three years he’s been here! This when there are coaches like Shanahan, Marty Shottenheimer, and Bill Cowher out there for the right price, which Ralph Wilson refuses to invest in even after 9 years of losing with inept coaching!

A few years ago NYCBBB had a web page up dedicated to getting Ralph Wilson into the Hall of Fame. We created a stir when we sent emails to every single voter for the HOF giving them reasons to vote for Mr. Wilson, going so far as to get a call from the Bills PR/Media man asking us to not send any more emails. In exchange he would help us promote getting Wilson into the HOF. Of course once we agreed, the gentleman refused to return our calls, and the campaign stopped.

Looking back that effort was not worth it, for in my opinion Mr. Wilson convinced me yesterday why he does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Ralph Wilson put the nail in the coffin for this team and destroyed any trust us fans had by showing us that the almighty dollar is more important than giving the fans a winning team after 9 years of mediocrity. And beware my fellow Bills fans, we are about to witness a PR Spin Machine out of One Bills Drive of the likes we haven’t seen since Tom Donahoe tried to convince us Rob Johnson was the Bills QB of the future. Get the Pepto Bismol out, its going to be sickening to hear and listen to, but I know that we fans will know better this time.

To be clear I am thankful that Mr. Wilson has kept the Bills in OP this long, and will be a Bills fan to the day I die. However he has shown that he is out of touch with his fan base, and either needs to respect the fans who foot the bill by putting a contender on the field or sell the team to somebody who will. I’m a season ticket holder, so I get to rant, and we’ve suffered for 9 years.

Mr. Wilson, you owe us better treatment than this.

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A special thanks to everybody at McFadden’s, Calico Jack’s, Turtle Bay, and Kelly’s….you all made watching our Bills a great time, especially when they were winning!

Happy New Years to you all, be safe. Let’s hope for a better 2009!

Matt “Talkin Proud and can’t stomach the spin about to come from OBD” Kabel