Preseason Buffalo Bills Games at McFadden’s

Hello all 1,700+ NYC Bills fans!

Several of you have been emailing us asking if McFadden’s will be showing the Buffalo Bills preseason games. The answer is YES, they will be showing the first 3 games. The first is this Saturday at 7pm where the Bills/Redskins match up will be shown LIVE in HD at 7pm. We will be using last year’s specials again this year:

Specials will start at 5pm and run until 10pm. Due to it being a Saturday night, McFadden’s will likely have to switch to the DJ at 9pm, but who really listens to the announcers in the 2nd half of a preseason game?

McFadden’s will be showing the following two preseason games as well and you can see updates on these and much more on our all new message board by clicking the following link. You will need to sign in to post, but this is a great place to share info about Western NY and the Bills with your fellow Bills fans here in NYC. Thanks to Matt Soreco for getting it up and running:

PUSH Event
Thanks to all who attended the PUSH event 2 weeks ago, expectations were far exceeded as 350 people attended the event, including a ton of you. It was great seeing and meeting many of you and very much enjoyed the great conversations. There is a write-up on the event at PUSH’s website:

Fish Fry
I’m sure those of you Western New Yorkers out there miss a lot of things from home, but one of them I found a great substitute for in my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I went to Chip Shop, a British restaurant with 3 locations throughout Brooklyn, and ordered fish and chips. Out came an oval shaped plate with fries on the bottom and a thick piece of fried haddock that met WNY Fish Fry standards by hanging off either side of the plate! The Buffalo boy in me took my camera phone out, snapped a picture, and sent it to every Western New Yorker I knew before inhaling it. Check out their website at:


Matt “Can’t believe preseason starts this weekend!” Kabel