Squish the Fish!

Hello all 1,901 NYC Bills Fans

WOW! We topped 1,900 members! What an exciting season this has been, our Buffalo Bills are 5 and 1. Just stop what you’re doing right now and say it with me….BUFFALO….BILLS…ARE….FIVE….AND….ONE. I was sitting in Calico Jack’s on Sunday after most of the bar had cleared out and just yelled out in disbelief “WE’RE FIVE AND ONE!!!”….probably scaring most of the fans left there, but what are you going to do, I was enlightened.

The 5-1 (again) Bills take their show on the road this Sunday to Miami to take on the 2-4 Dolphins who are a dangerous team, beating both the Patriots and Chargers. Kickoff is at 1pm and there’s no better place to be than McFadden’s, Calico’s, or Turtle Bay! For more info check out our website at nycbbb.com. The next three divisional games are huge!

Adam the Bills Fan wrote another great and humorous email outlining the best 10 victories over the Dolphins in the last 25 years. Another awesome read that you can find here:

Care to know how the “Balloongate” game was at Calico’s last week? Check out Phil Mann’s column this week:

Kevin Smith, who was at the game, said beer sales were uninterrupted at Ralph Wilson Stadium throughout the blackouts. Gotta love Buffalo. I just hope Kevin got out of the pitch black bathrooms with dry pants unlike some others I heard about….but that’s a story for another time.

Random thought…anybody else get excited when you go to Ikea and they have all you can drink Loganberry juice? I had 3 cups when I was there today. You fellow Western New Yorkers know what I’m talking about here….

Just to let everybody know, there is a Bills fan selling T-Shirts with an image of the 42nd and 2nd Street signs and Little Buffalo, NYC. Cool shirts, only $10, and you can usually find him by the front door of McFadden’s.

Hey…want to see pictures of everybody at McFadden’s and Calico’s last week:

I know, I’m giving you a lot to read, but here’s another homework assignment, great article on Tim Russert this week:

I know many of you are out there saying “Matt, you’re all over the place in this email”…indeed I am, I’m so fired up for this Sunday that I’m just letting the words flow out. I mean, we’ve been doing NYCBBB for 6 years now and we’re finally in a true run for the playoffs, there’s no reason NOT to be fired up! After living in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for over 4 years and never seeing a Bills fan here I’ve met 4 in the last month. The playoffs are making us come out of the woodwork, and we’re an energized bunch.

Anybody else out there fired up?




Matt “Talkin proud and my wife denied me getting Zuba pants” Kabel