Squish the Fish, Part 2!

Hello all 1,909 NYC Bills fans!

I realized on Sunday that I never sent the email for last week’s game, a family trip up to Rochester can distract a person like that. Obviously the Bills are in bad shape, but at 6-6 aren’t out of it just yet. The Bills take on the Miami Dolphins at 4:05pm this Sunday in Buff…err…Toronto. Should be an exciting game so come on down to McFadden’s or Calico’s to check it out with hundreds of Bills fans!

The specials will begin at 2:05 and run until the end of the game. For those of you on the outskirts of town that haven’t made it in, this a great time to come into the city, do some Christmas shopping, and catch the game. For all you Bills and Sabres fans in the dumps after the recent losses, just remember that the Holidays are a time for appreciating what you have, not what you want, so enjoy the teams that we love and don’t abandon them!

Buffalo Musicians to Perform at Mercury Lounge
As a reminder, Buffalo recording artist Roger Bryan plays the Mercury Lounge at 217 East Houston Street on Thursday, December 11th. Roger and his band are opening for the critically acclaimed indie band STAND from Dublin, Ireland. STAND adopted Buffalo as a home away from home and recorded their last LP in Buffalo at the Goo Goo Dolls studio on Delaware Avenue. The band sold out the much larger Bowery Ballroom last spring so this show to test drive new songs is sure to sell out.

I’ve been listening to their music while typing this. Should be an awesome night, and a good reason to get together with your Western New York friends.

A couple links to check out:

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Matt “Talkin Proud and the Bills and Sabres are killing me!” Kabel