Survey Time!

Hello all 1,742 NYC Bills Fans!

Ahh, the end of another (losing) season. Matt Soreco made a comment that NYCBBB may have started this curse that has taken over our beloved team as we have never reached the playoffs since starting this club. Fortunately, NYCBBB was started in 2002, well after the curse began. Many blame the curse on the Bills dumping Doug Flutie, others go back much further and blame it on Lou Saban. Who knows, but my dream to watch a playoff game with our fellow NYCBBB members will have to wait another year. But just imagine how awesome it will be when we finally do make it into the postseason! We won’t have goalposts to rip down, so we’ll have to find something similar in NYC.

Below is a very quick survey to help us get an idea of how the experience was at the bars this year. Your NYCBBB staff received almost no complaints this year for the first time ever! Still, this is your chance to voice your pleasure/displeasure with watching games at the bars this year. Feel free to write in comments wherever, we would love to hear any feedback/comments/recommendations you have. Shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes:

How many games did you watch with NYCBBB this year?

Did you watch games at McFadden’s or Calico Jack’s?

Were you able to watch the game, hear the game, and enjoy the experience?

Did you purchase the drink/wing special? If so, which one did you purchase most often?

What kind of beer did you most often drink?

How would you rate the service from 1-10? (1 – terrible, 10 – awesome)

How would you rate the wings from 1-10? (1 – terrible, 10 – awesome)

Did you ever utilize the seat reservation option at Calicos? If not, why?

Did you have any specific GREAT experiences at either bars?

Did you have any specific BAD experiences at either bar? (other than the losing season)

Other comments/recommendations?

Thanks for taking the time to fill this out! Enjoy the rest of winter and we’ll be sending out emails about the Draft Party before you can say “Trent Edwards better be the next Jim Kelly!”

Matt “talkin’ proud and praying the Bills get a stud WR, TE, DT, and LB this off-season” Kabel