New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills, ESPN Radio, Halloween

Hello all 1,905 NYC Bills fans!

Ugh….we went to Florida to squish the fish and instead Buffalo got stampeded. However, always the optimist, let’s look at the bright side. We’re still in first place (although tied) and we really only played one quarter of bad football, and was about as bad of a quarter as you can play. Trent Edwards had his first poor game of the season but let’s face it, he’s only 25 (Happy Birthday today!) and has played in what, 17 games so far in his career? He’s going to have bad games, all players do.

The Bills can rebound this week when they take on the Brett Favre led NY Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium this Sunday at 1pm. The New Jersey Jets are 1 game behind Buffalo and New England* for the division lead, and Buffalo needs to pull this one out.

More exciting news, ESPN 1050 will be on hand at McFadden’s/Calico Jack’s this Sunday during the game doing giveaways and raffles. Want to catch the game with hundreds of your fellow fans and win some cool stuff? Be on 42nd and 2nd this Sunday!

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Halloween Game This Sunday!

For the past six years we’ve encouraged members to get more money out of their Halloween costumes and wear them to the game on the closest Sunday to the holiday. Well, have fun and wear your costumes this Sunday! Ah…the memories of Halloween games…me meeting Tim Russert in my hula skirt, seeing Marilyn Monroe kiss Little Bo Peep (don’t ask)..have fun with it!

Game Tickets
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A View From Calico Jack’s
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Pictures from Bills/Dolphins Game courtesy of Mike Coniaris:

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I hate the New Jersey Jets, Favre is going down!


Matt “Talkin’ proud and love being in NYC when the Jets lose to the Bills” Kabel