Bar Changes for Bills at Chiefs

Hello all 1,882 NYC Bills fans!

First off, last week’s email was actually sent by Phil, I did not all of a sudden start speaking of myself in third person.

With that out of the way, what a game that was last week! At this point, the season has come down to grooming the players for 2011 and finding out who belongs on this team going forward. As Matt Soreco tweeted last week, the Bills need to stand behind their words that they’re changing a losing mentality into a winning one by ridding themselves of players who can’t cut it. I’m talking about you Aaron Maybin, potentially the most pathetic first round choice in Bills history who can’t even dress for a win-less team. I’m not sold on Fitzpatrick being the starter in 2011 either, his stats are solid but let’s see him win some games and show consistency over the rest of the season before anointing him. I’d rather see a guy named Luck at One Bills Drive.

The Bills take on the Chiefs this Sunday at 1pm, and there’s no better place to catch the game than on 42nd & 2nd…with some changes.

Just like with the NFL, there’s a business side to the NYCBBB. With an 0-6 season, we have to adjust to ensure that McFadden’s/Calico’s are turning a profit and want to make sure that our relationship is strong with the bars for when the Bills finally turn this ship around. Therefore effective immediately:

– McFadden’s will accept reservations for the dining area starting every Tuesday at noon. Anybody with a reservation at Calico’s this weekend has had that reservation moved over to McFadden’s, so you’re all set there. Other than that, everything remains the same at McFadden’s including the specials and first-come first-serve seating at the bar and back bar.

– Calico’s will be showing multiple NFL games, and will have the Bills game with sound on when possible. The all-you-can-drink/wing specials will NOT be available, however the bar will offer $3 pints of Bud Lite and $4 pints of Blue and wings will be available for purchase.

We’re basically consolidating us Bills fans into McFadden’s while we hunker down through the storm and opening up Calicos to all NFL fans. Its great if you have a bunch of friends that want to see other games but also want to hang out nearby.

McFadden’s & Calico’s have been GREAT partners for almost a decade, please continue to patronize them through this challenging season.


Matt “talkin proud and at least they were fun to watch!” Kabel