Colts at Bills, Garbage Plates in NYC

Hello all 1,898 NYC Bills fans!

Just a quick note, the Bills take on the Colts tonight in Toronto, but the game will not be televised live. Fortunately, the game will be rebroadcasted 3 times over the next few days, and McFadden’s will televise it each time!

Tonight @ 11pm
Friday @ 4pm
Saturday @ 1pm

Identify yourself as a Bills fan and receive have priced drinks and apps during the game.

With Lynch and Fred Jackson out for the rest of preseason, we’re going to get to see plenty of CJ Spiller.

Also, for you Rochesteronians, we were just alerted by member Joe Lippens that a tavern in the West Village named Daddy-Os is carrying Garbage Plates! Although, they just refer to them as The Zweigle Plate….for I guess obvious reasons….but do use the actual Rachacha brand hot dogs (that aren’t as good as Sahlens cough cough) Here’s a link, scroll down the page to see a pic/description:

Go Bills, Go Sabres!

Matt “talkin’ proud and could go for a garbage plate now” Kabel