J-E-T-S…Just End The Streak

Hello, all 1,908 Bills fans

We lost seven fans since our last e-mail? I hope Matt Soreco wasn’t one of them; he channeled a lot of people’s frustrations in his last e-mail.

It’s Jets week, and the official beginning, I guess, of the Ryan Fitzpatrick Era (try to contain your excitement, people.) More important, it’s a time for us to form a united front against the increasingly confident Jets fans who surround us in NYC. So, come on out to McFadden’s and Calico Jack’s for the game and for all of the usual specials.

As a bonus: this Sunday, ESPN will be at McFadden’s from noon to 2 pm, giving away hats, shirts and other items. McFadden’s will also conduct a raffle, with first prize being two tickets to the Bills/Jets game on January 2.

Meanwhile, here’s a link from Serious Eats, shared by Kevin Smith, on the best Beef on Weck to be found in Buffalo:

And here’s a New York Times article from yesterday on gubernatorial candidate (and Buffalo native) Carl P. Paladino’s favorite Buffalo eateries (the “P” must stand for “Pasta” or “Peppers” based on his diet):

Enjoy the game, everyone. Let’s see if we can end this oh-for-2010 streak!

Phil Mann