Channeling the Frustration

Hello all,

…or better yet channeling the anger. I cooled off a bit since I requested to write this e-mail, which at the time I envisioned writing a manifesto. That was about 4pm on Sunday.

After the game I scanned through twitter, read through all of the message boards, and listened to Buffalo radio (which isn’t unlike almost every day, but that’s another story). One thing stuck out and started to bother me. It was all of the misguided anger and frustration.

Sure, no one can be happy with Trent Edwards’ performances. No one can be happy with 3/4 of the team for that matter. But where is the REAL problem? Personally I think calling radio stations demanding the benching of Edwards is misguided. Criticizing the playcalling is useless.

Ralph Wilson, Buddy Nix, and Tom Modrak deserve all the blame. All the criticism. All the fire. They put together this team. The way I see it, they took the last two off-seasons off.

They decided to “build through the draft” and ignored fixing gaping holes with free agency. They decided to build through the draft, which makes every single draft pick critical (like Aaron Maybin). No other team today builds through the draft without the luxury of having a solid foundation to begin with.

That said, I do like Chan Gailey. He seems to get it and has expressed his displeasure. What bothered me most about Jauron is his refusal to admit anything was wrong. Hopefully Chan shares some of his frustration with his bosses.

Chan also saw what we’ve all been seeing the last few years, which is Edwards’ reluctance to get the ball downfield. As you already know, Edwards has been benched in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Hopefully Fitz remembers that Lee Evans is on the team and starts hooking up with him.

Will the QB change spark the offense? Can Chan coach his way around the roster? Will we see the Spiller we saw in the pre-season? Tune in this Sunday at 1pm when the Bills take on the Patriots to find out. You know what they say, “on any given Sunday…”

Check out Mike Coniaris’ pictures from the game last week:

Phil Mann kept it brief this week in his weekly column:

Hey, did you know we have a satellite in Yonkers!? Folks, this is right down the street from where I grew up. Man I would have killed for this location back in the day. It’s also a great bar if you are ever in the area.

Ralph, Buddy, Tom, I’m watching you!

Matt Soreco