Kenny’s Pinto Tailgate Shut Down by NFL

Hello all 1,891 NYC Buffalo Bills Fans,

News broke yesterday while us NYCers were avoiding rain, wind, and a possible tornado that the NFL has effectively shut down NYCBBB’s close friend Kenny “Pinto” Johnson’s tailgate party at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Kenny’s tailgate, known for cherry liqueur shots out of bowling balls, cooking food on the hood of his red Pinto, and the ketchup opening ceremony has become a thorn in the NFL’s side who is trying to tone down drinking booze and unruly fans. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, see pics here:

On one hand, fans have become overly obnoxious at games, and that includes Bills fans in OP. The NFL must address that, even Kenny acknowledges that. But on the other, it annoys me that the NFL folks in the article refer to making games “family friendly.” Sorry NFL, when it will cost me $200+ to take my kid to a game you’re already taking the family out of it. If you’re going to charge an arm and a leg to go to a game, then folks should be allowed to consume alcohol out of of bowling ball if they want to, its your job to police folks as they enter the stadium. Kenny’s tailgate pushes limits, but its legal and in good spirit.

The good thing about Orchard Park, there’s private lots and the party will go on.

Go Kenny, and Go Bills!


Matt “talkin’ proud and could go for a bowling shot now” Kabel