Steelers at Bills

Hello all 1,885 NYC Bills fans!

We hope you all enjoyed your turkeys and days off from work yesterday. If you can believe it, the Bills have actually been FUN to watch lately, despite their 2-8 record. They lost some of those games by small margins so could easily be 5-5 right now and still in the playoff hunt. What’s done is done by the good news is it looks like the Bills officially bottomed out and are on an upswing as an organization. Its true that they’ve beaten 2 bad teams, but Ryan Fitzpatrick (or Fitzmagic as some are calling him) is on pace for 30+ touchdown passes. Steve Johnson, a guy I personally always thought had talent and wanted to see get more playing time, is receiving national attention for his 9 TD grabs so far. Lee Evans who? And Then you’ve got Fred Jackson again proving he’s a starter in this league. And don’t forget DT Kyle Williams who is being ranked among the top 5 at his position right now.

Being that the Holidays are here, I’m going to refer to this group of overachievers who weren’t top draft picks as being from The Land of Misfit Football Players. They’re all overachievers who nobody else in the league thought could play yet are starting to attract attention.

How can you not root for these guys? They embody what Buffalo and Western NY is all about and are a hell of a lot more fun to watch than any Bills team the last decade.

Come on down to McFadden’s and Calico’s this Sunday at 1pm to catch these Misfits in action against a VERY tough Steelers time. We’ll get to see how far our team has really come, and apparently those there the last two weeks have been partying it up like we’ve won a Super Bowl.

Why So Serious?

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Matt “talkin proud and am really startin to like these guys” Kabel