Winnable Game and Rebuilding

Hello Bills Fans,

What do you think? Do you think the Bills have a chance this week? I do. Seriously I do.

You know the deal. Sunday 1pm Jags vs. Bills. The game is blacked out in the WNY market, so you’ll be seeing what a lot of Bills fans can’t.

Buddy Nix finally came out of hiding and acknowledged that the rebuilding process is going to be longer and harder than expected. While I’m relieved to know he finally realizes this, I think starting to put forth an effort during week 3 and 4 of this season is a little too late. He said they wanted to evaluate the talent themselves. Didn’t they have access to the same games we watched over the last few years? I guess it’s better late than never…

He also said that no one is safe on the roster. And that he realizes a culture of losing has infected the entire organization. Sounds good, right?

But just when I felt a tiny bit of relief, he went on to say this about re-signing Kelsay: ”We decided obviously that we’ve got four, five or six guys like that, they maybe are not great players, but good players that set the tone for what you want everybody else to be. Chris Kelsay is a good player. He’s exemplifies what we want players to do and how we want them to be. So that’s the reason he’s here.”

Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. If you think Chris Kelsay has been playing good, then this team is in much more serious trouble than we think it is. Also, I’m having trouble counting six guys to model the rest of the team after. You want to fix the losing culture not perpetuate it, remember?

Nix on timing of Lynch trade:

Nix on Kelsay extension:

Check out Michael Coniaris’ pictures from last week:

Hey, what can you say. I’m still going to watch week in and week out.

And Buddy, remember what I said. I’m watching you. You need to do the right things.

– Matt Soreco