Yes there will be beer

Hello all,

Happy football season. Ready? Sheesh, the preseason didn’t do much for my confidence. But thinking about it, our defensive line wasn’t really turned loose. I’m pumped to see the carnage they leave in their wake. I’m still a lot more optimistic than I’ve been in a loooooooooooong time.

Here is the tailgate rundown…

The tailgate location/map can be found here (lot 26, near pole A):

The lot opens at 8am.

There will be beer! McFadden’s is donating cases of beer to us. So is Labatt’s! We should have plenty (hopefully). For those asking… We won’t be charging anything for the beer as long as you are not wearing green. Instead you can donate any amount you think is fair (if you wish), which will be used to cover NYCBBB expenses. Just ask for Matt Soreco. And make sure to thank McFadden’s and Labatt’s!

Another way to contribute is to bring coolers and ice if you can. Or else we might be drinking those bad boys British style.

We sold over 500 tickets! That should make a statement and leave a mark. Funny thing… I was listening to Joe and Evan and they were complaining how ticket prices / seat licenses these days opens the doors to opposing fans and lessens home field advantage. 500+ of us won’t go unnoticed. I wonder if it’ll get covered. I’m not suggesting someone troll their radio show and impersonate an angry Jets fan or anything. It’s just an observation.

If you are not attending the actual game, McFadden’s and Calico’s will be open as usual.

Here is my cell phone if you need it 516-690-7810. See you there?

– Matt Soreco