Bills at Jets Ticket Update…Again

Hello all 2,027 NYC Bills Fans!

Hope everybody is enjoying the heat! Don’t forget, air conditioning was invented in Buffalo, NY by a guy from Angola, so be sure and spread that wisdom to those enjoying it right now.

Alright, I realized after sending my last email that it wasn’t clear, just like the email before wasn’t. Must be because I’m getting older.

To be clear – nobody needs to send me an email with a ticket request. We currently have well over 200 tickets reserved in Section 334 which will not be released to anybody other than NYCBBB members. As an update the Jets are redoing their system with Ticketmaster, as soon as its done, they will provide us with a link that we’ll send out to you and tickets will be sold on a first come/first serve basis. Ticket prices have remained unchanged, they’re aiming to have the link live to us within the next 2 weeks and have apologized for the delay.

So as soon as we get the link, we’ll send that sucker out and all of you can go in and buy tickets. Cool? No need to email me requests, as much as I love hearing from ya.

Saw an article in The Buffalo News this morning about the cancellation/postponement of the half marathon in Buffalo that was supposed to happen next weekend where the finish line was in Ralph Wilson Stadium. Would have been awesome, I was dying to do it and even tried to change my travel plans up there for it. Anyways, lots of NYCers were planning on doing it according to this article, assuming some of them are NYCBBB members:

Almost into July and training camp!


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and can’t wait to go to Buffalo next weekend!” Kabel