Bills at Jets Tickets Update

Hello all 2,029 NYC Bills fans,

Just wanted to send an update on the tickets for the season opener between the Bills & NJ Jets. My inbox was flooded with requests for 200+ tickets, I didn’t have a chance to reply to most of you so just wanted to send out a mass email to everybody. We’re working with the Jets on how best to facilitate this as they’re not used to handling group orders this large. They’re working out a solution and have assured us that we are not in danger of losing the seats.

Once we work out the best solution we’ll send out an email with instructions and more info. Everybody who emailed me will be able to get their tickets.

My 3rd kid is due that week, and for those of you that were in the group almost 6 years ago with my first you’ll remember that I pleaded with everybody to use their football juju to ensure an early delivery. It worked then, I need it to work again. Seriously, I can’t have a birthday party falling on the same weekend as the Bills opener every year. And apparently this one is a girl, I can’t be at a princess party while our boys are on the gridiron. So please…help…juju.

Matt “Talkin Proud and can’t wait til Training Camp” Kabel