Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals

Hello all 2,111 NYC Bills Fans!

We’ve obviously seen some bad losses before, but that one in San Fran last week was easily among the worst. The Bills just literally could not stop the 49ers, I’ve never seen anything like it. For the first time, I was actually hoping they’d bench Fitzpatrick as he just didn’t come to play, problem is there’s nobody on the roster worth bringing in to replace him! That may be the downfall of this team, and potentially Gailey’s tenure here. And no, I don’t want to see Gailey go, not yet, I remember the last coaching search and am REALLY hoping they can turn it around.

Don’t forget Bills fans, playoff teams don’t always start off hot, many struggle early and finish strong. Seriously, did ANYBODY think a team with this many solid players would be this bad? No, which is why I think we’ve bottomed out and still believe they can pull it together. The defensive line needs to start playing like they’re paid to. Maybe it starts today against a tough Cardinals team that is beatable, yes even by us.

Kickoff is at 4:05pm, specials at McFadden’s/Calico’s begin at 3:05pm.

Oh – and let’s hand the rock to Spiller and Jackson, and hand it some more, then more….


Matt “talkin’ proud and want to see us run all over the Cardinals” Kabel