Buffalo Bills at Houston Texans, Hurricane Sandy

Hello all 2,108 NYC Bills Fans,

I’m sure we’ve all had a long and hectic week, I’m working out of a local coffee shop in Bay Ridge as our office in Tribeca is still without power. I know my wife has a lot of friends who lost their homes this week, your fellow NYCers are in need of blankets, warm clothes, batteries, garbage bags etc. I have yet to find a good website with dropoff locations, but am sure you can just Google a location near you, assume most churches are accepting.

As always, life goes on, the Bills head to Houston to take on the 6-1 Texans. Mario Williams returns to his old team post-surgery, will he be a hero or dud? Come on down to McFadden’s & Calico’s, kickoff is at 1pm and specials start at noon and run through the end of the game.

Don’t forget, Sunday is also Marathon Day, which as of now is still on. Please plan accordingly when making your way to the bars.

We’ll send info for Thursday Night’s game against the Dolphins, both bars WILL be showing the game on all TVs as always. We’ll likely do a revised drink special as I’m sure most won’t drink themselves into a stupor as usual on Sundays. And I say most, knowing some of course will!

Stay safe out there folks, all of us at NYCBBB have you in our thoughts and prayers.

Matt K.