Draft Party and 11 Years!

Hello all 2,016 NYC Bills fans!

Just me, or is this offseason flying by? Mcfadden’s reached out to me this week and was like, uh, did you forget about the draft party. Looked at the calendar and was amazed to see its next week. That also marks the 11th anniversary of NYCBBB. I’m proud to say that on this 11th anniversary, the bar that threw out Bills fans 13 years ago, Brother Jimmy’s up in the 90s, has shut down. Proud is a strong word as I never like to see businesses close and people lose jobs, but would lie if there wasn’t a bit of glee when I heard the news from Phil Mann, who watched the games there back then.

Onto the Draft….here’s the deal:

April 26 – Thursday – McFadden’s will have the first round of the Draft televised with sound starting at 7pm. From 7-11pm, the bar will offer $3 import drafts (including Blue), half priced drink specials, and free wings!

April 27 – Friday – Same special with wings from 7-11pm for rounds 2-3 and will have the sound on shortly before/after the Bills pick (keep in mind its Friday night)

April 28 – Saturday – All-you-can-drink/wing specials we use during the season from 11-4pm. The pricing can be found here: https://www.nycbbb.com/features/drink-specials-times/

Would like to see a Left Tackle, Wide Receiver, or Linebacker with the first pick…but we shall see!

Check out www.billsdaily.comwww.buffalorumblings.com & www.deargodwhyussports.com for the latest news!

Here is the 2012 Schedule released yesterday, opening up right here in NYC! Well…NJ….

My company is putting on another free cognac tasting in NYC next month if anybody wants to go, will let you know when the scotch one comes back around:


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and Can’t wait til September” Kabel