Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills

Hello all 2,114 NYC Bills Fans

Well…another year without the playoffs. I was thinking this morning that I’ve gotten married, had 3 kids, and worked 5 different jobs in the time since our last playoff appearance. I’ve almost become numb to this. We can always turn to the Sabres. Oh, wait…

The Bills host the Jaguars this Sunday in Buffalo. The game is not sold out so is blacked out in the Queen City. Kickoff is at 1pm, specials start at noon and run through the game. Come shed tears with your fellow Bills fans, you don’t have to go through this alone.

Was watching made-for-TV Christmas movies last weekend, two movies both referenced Buffalo. I guess Buffalo is kinda like Anywhere USA?

Go Bills!

Matt “Talkin’ Proud and praying for a new QB” Kabel