Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

Hello all 2,107 NYC Bills fans!

Wow, we broke 2,100, cool! What wasn’t cool was that game against the NJ Jets last weekend, good lord, where was the playoff team we were expecting? They better get their acts together and quick. I just keep telling myself that I’d rather start off slow and get better as the season goes on, instead of starting out hot and falling apart like last year. I was actually begging my wife to go into labor during the game so I could shut it off. I heard the tailgate was awesome, hundreds of you gathered in the lot. We’ve got some pictures below, be sure to check em out. Also want to give shout outs to McFadden’s and Labatt Blue for donating beer & food to the cause!

This Sunday, the Bills play their home opener against the Kansas City Chiefs. Kickoff will be at 1pm, specials at McFadden’s & Calico Jack’s kickoff at noon and run through the end of the game. In case you forgot, or blacked out last season completely like I did, here are the specials:

I hear McFadden’s had a huge crowd last week despite the game being local, so anticipate this weekend to be PACKED at both bars. If you want a seat, get there early. If you want to get INTO the bar, get there early. Veterans – you know when you need to be there.

My brother texted me as I was writing this and said he was just on a plane next to Matt Millen, who picked the Chiefs this weekend. Dick.

Tailgate Pictures

My Buffalo Radio Interview
If you didn’t hear, I was interviewed on WGR55’s John Murphy Show last week. Spoke a lot about how we in NYC celebrate Western New York, here’s the link if you want to check it out, just skip ahead to 57:30 right after Marv Albert’s interview:

Alright, finish up your workweek so you can turn your attention to the game. I’ll be home watching the game with my new (and first) daughter Sally, who was born Tuesday. Looks like the fear of a princess birthday party interfering with a game one day is a very real one. God help me.


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and This Team Better Turn It Around!” Kabel