Preseason Games at McFadden’s

Hell all 2,074 NYC Bills Fans!

Just a quick email, 2 things:

1) We sold over 500 tickets to the Bills/Jets opener over in NJ swamplands. That is going to be one LOUD area of the stadium! And yes, McFadden’s and Kenny will be throwing a rockin’ tailgate there as we have in the past. Details on that to come soon, bit there are no longer seats available, we were expecting 300 seats to be sold, the Jets kicked in another 200 for us. I will not be one as I’ll either be awaiting the birth of my daughter, or just had it happen. Hope its a week or so before, I can’t live with the idea of being at a princess birthday party on Kickoff Sunday one day.  God help me.

2) Can you believe the Bills have a preseason game tonight? Where the hell did the offseason go? The game will NOT be televised here in NYC, so McFadden’s will not be showing. However, they will be showing all replays, schedule below. No specific specials, but the game will be on for you to catch, especially the 2 Saturday games which I’m sure will draw some folks.

Friday, August 10
4:00 PM – Washington Redskins vs. Buffalo Bills

Saturday, August 18
12 Noon – Buffalo Bills vs. Minnesota Vikings

Monday, August 27
4:00 PM – Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Buffalo Bills

Saturday, September 1
1:00 PM – Buffalo Bills vs. Detroit Lions

Alright, gotta get back to work, I’ve got scotch to market here people.


Matt “Talkin’ Proud and FIRED UP for this season!” Kabel