Purchase Bills at Jets Opener Tickets NOW!

Hello all 2,052 NYC Bills fans.




And you can bet your arse that we’ll have one hell of a tailgate planned! J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!!

Here are the details again for the tickets:

“There are 2 price levels available, with both sections on the away team sideline:

Upper Sideline (currently section 336)…$105/each

Upper Corner/Endzone (currently section 330)…$75/each

Parking is also available in the Orange parking lot, $25/each (per car not ticket).

For the online link, we set the max purchase at 8 tickets and 4 parking passes per order. We can accommodate larger groups, but they will need to call me directly to book the seats.

A couple notes/suggestions/disclaimers for the group…tickets in each price level are subject to availability. We will sell out at some point so I can’t guarantee a specific section or seat. I will continue to add seats available for your group, but the section and location may change from what we have initially depending on the amount of tickets ordered. Also, the $75 tickets are in bigger blocks, so they will be more tightly group than the Upper Sideline ($105) seats. The Upper Sideline seats will still be in the same section just a little more broken up throughout the different rows.

My direct line is 973-549-4883, and my email is baiello@jets.nfl.com. Any questions or concerns from a member have them contact me directly and I will help them get set up. One last thing, all purchases through the link are final and non-refundable…so make sure to double check before submitting!”

Matt “Talkin Proud and May the Best Man/Woman Get the Best Seats!” Kabel