Philly Info and 30 for 30 – Four Falls of Buffalo

It’ll be the usual happening at McFadden’s and Calicos this week. You all know the drill. I look forward to a more motivated Shady getting revenge on his former team.

For anyone attending the game, I got this info from the Philly Backers:
SUNDAY : 12/13/15
Bills Tailgating in the Wells Fargo Lot pole C5. Be there at 8:30am. No later than 9:00am. Or risk being locked out of the lot. You need a parking pass for this lot and they are available for pre-purchase on line. Team Buffalo has secured a DJ … so be prepared to RELEASE THE HOUNDS

For more info, visit:

ESPN 30 for 30 Four Falls of Buffalo
Michelle Girardi Zumwalt (our very own NYCBBB Staff Emeritus!!!) produced ESPN’s 30 for 30 feature film “Four Falls of Buffalo”. It relives the Bills’ run to four straight Super Bowls. It will debut Saturday on ESPN at 9:30 pm. Set your calendar, dvrs, alarms, etc.
The film has already been getting rave reviews. Don’t miss it.

Read Michelle’s first-person account here:

This Week from NYCBBB:
I’m a week late posting this. Here is Phil Mann’s latest column. I like his optimism looking at the rest of the schedule this season.


– Matt Soreco